August 1-30


With this collection of work, the artists, Natiq Jalil and Paige Babin, explore the question of when a work of art is “finished”. Is it when the canvas is completely covered? Or is it when the artist can no longer “add” to the piece? Both artists felt the answer to the question was a bit more intuitive. Sometimes, a painting just feels right, regardless of whether every line has been filled in. Sometimes, white space speaks more clearly than unnecessary color. There are times when even a single brushstroke more would diminish the message being presented.

In completing this body of work, the artists put down their brushes when they first felt that nothing else was needed beyond that point, regardless of whether the painting was considered “finished”. They present you with a body of work in various stages of completion, at precisely the point where the artists first felt moved by their own progress.

Explore the world of unfinished art with them in this 2nd installment of Unfinished Business. The opening is on Friday August 1 from 7-10 pm and a donation is requested. The exhibit is viewable through August 30 during evening events, or by appointment at 412-361-2262.


doom-metal from Illinois featuring the original singer of Trouble


with Kings Destroy (NYC), Argus and Brimstone Coven

note: this show is not at Garfield Artworks. It is located at 31st Street Pub, 3101 Penn Ave. in the Strip District and is over 21. Tickets on sale at Sound Cat Records, Caliban Books, Dave’s Music Mine, 31st Street Pub Box Office, and from the local openers.

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